Stand united with BOMOKO to unlock a better and brighter future for the Congo driven by the Congolese.

 Bomoko translates from Lingala to “united”.

BOMOKO: United for Congo

Bomoko develops unique initiatives promoting equal access for all Congolese to high quality health, education and sustainable agriculture solutions.

It is the ambitious vision of two local non-governmental organizations CECFOR (Centre Congolais de Culture, de Formation et de Dévelopment) and AFEDI (Association Africaine pour l’Education et l’Instruction). Working for decades in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), these two NGOs joined forces to address the inequality, extreme poverty, disease and human suffering that has plagued the country, working together towards a brighter future for DRC.

Today, Bomoko is at the forefront of economic development in the Congo. Its work in Kinshasa radiates out from the capital and spreads positive solutions to sustainable development throughout the country.

Why health, education and agriculture?

Bomoko unlocks a brighter future for DRC with creative, innovative solutions driven by the Congolese for the Congolese. It does this by promoting equal access to health, education and sustainable agriculture solutions.



    Two-thirds of the DRC’s population is under the age of 24, underlining the incredible importance in educating the country’s future leaders. Faced with a severe shortage of teachers in public schools, Bomoko has been providing quality education, life skills and mentorship for both children and parents. Through Bozindo , Bomoko helps to promote primary and secondary education, giving Congolese children hope for the future.

    A unique initiative in DRC, CEFA (Le Centre de Formation et d’Appui Sanitaire) responds to the pressing need for continuing education of all medical personnel. CEFA was established in 2001 as a professional and technical framework for medical professionals, where conferences, seminars, round tables, postgraduate courses are held – as well as practical work and medical research. CEFA aims to catalyze the transmission of knowledge and thus promote development initiatives in the medical world through scientific exchanges.

    The interventions of professors, specialists and practitioners from many public and private hospital institutions, both national and foreign, give rise to an awareness of the importance of this initiative.

    Since 2006 with the support of the IECD and the EU, CEFA has set up a project called « PAFOVED » (Plate Forme d’Appui, de Formation et de veille sur la Drépanocytose) with the aim of organizing neonatal screening, to train medical and paramedical personnel and to provide training support to sickle-cell disease associations.






    Opened in 1991, Monkole Hospital treats everyone with the same respect, dignity, and equal access to its excellent care services, regardless of wealth or social status. The hospital serves three rural areas in Kinshasa and runs primary healthcare centers in marginalized, essentially inaccessible areas. From 1996 through 2014 the number of beds within the hospital has increased from 30 to 110 as activities and demand for services has continued to grow. In 2015 alone, the hospital held a 73% occupancy rate and treated over 82,000 patients.




    Bomoko empowers rural and urban farmers though innovation and modernization of agriculture in DRC. CEPROSEM (Centre moderne de production et de multiplication de semences maraîchères) is a modern seed production center, laboratory and practice farm. Here, experts test, research and modify crops for better use by the broader population. This focus on balancing productive quality crops with nutritional value directly and positively impacts nutrition and livelihoods. Furthermore, Bomoko trains local farmers in best practices for sustainable agriculture. Through this program, farmers are able to lease land for cultivation of crops, increasing production and promoting Congolese agricultural self-sufficiency.


Stand united with BOMOKO

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